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Employment Visas

» H-1B Specialty Occupation

» H-2 Seasonal and Temporary Workers

» L-1 Intracompany Transferees

» O-1 Visa for Individual with Extraordinary Ability

» TN Visa for Canadian and Mexican Citizens

» EB5 & L1 Investment Visas

Family Immigration

» Marriage Based Immigration

» US Citizen Inviting Parents

» US Citizen Inviting Siblings

» US Citizen Inviting Children

» Permanent Resident Inviting Children

H-1B Visa

The H-1B visa petition process is challenging. We evaluate each client's specific situation and explore every immigration option available for the client, both for a petitioning employer or a prospective non-citizen employee. If we determine that it is feasible and advantageous for the client to apply under the H-1B classification, we’ll do our best to prepare an application packet.

NIW Process

A National Interest Waiver (NIW) is a complicated process. We will evaluate each client's unique situation and provide consultation regarding immigration options available to the client. NIW requires that an applicant will be able to contribute to the United States in their specialized field. The importance of strong recommendation letters and a well-drafted petition letter of support are essential in an NIW application.

O-1 Visa

O-1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa category for non-citizens of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts (including the television and motion picture industry), education, business, or athletics. This is an employment related status that allows qualified aliens to live and work in the United States. The O-1 visa is a dual intent visa, meaning that the beneficiary may simultaneously seek permanent resident status while in the U.S. on O-1 without worrying about preconceived intent issues.


An Alien of Extraordinary Ability, or EB-1A, classification applies to aliens who have distinguished achievement professionally in their fields of work or study. This visa category applicant does not have to secure sponsorship from an employer, as an EB-1A petition requires neither a job offer nor a labor certification.


EB-1B Visa is reserved for outstanding researchers and professors. This classification applies to non-citizens who are internationally recognized as exceptional in a particular scientific or scholarly field. EB-1B visas are employer-sponsored visa category.

L-1 Visa

L-1 Visa is a nonimmigration visa category reserved for managers, executives, and “specialized knowledge” workers employed by foreign business entities.

Immigration via Marriage

A U.S. citizen or a U.S. permanent resident may confer immigration benefits to the spouse either inside the US or in overseas through consular process. It is imperative to consult an immigration attorney for immigration through marriage.


The K-Visa category is for a U.S. citizen’s non-citizen fiancé/fiancée and their accompanying children (K1 visa and K2 Visa), or for a U.S. citizen’s non-citizen spouse and accompanying children (K3 and K4 Visas). The K visa allows the US citizen’s fiancée to come to the US to marry the US citizen. The K-3 visa was created to allow a non-citizen spouse to come to the US and lives with his or her spouse in the United States.

Consular Processing

Applying for a visa through Consular Processing is an option for a non-citizen who opts to go though a visa application process at a U.S. consulate. An experienced attorney can provide invaluable support and assistance in navigating the complex Consular Processing process.